What is Known & Renowned about?

The short version: I write about God, life, Scripture, culture, the Church, and more. Occasionally, I also share inspiring and interesting quotes, videos, and links from around the web. I usually post about 2-3 times a week. My aim is for the name of Jesus to be lifted higher than anything else I write about.

The long version:

Fame. Our culture is obsessed with it. Though we raise our eyebrows in judgment at those who have it, we all want it in some way. As I sit to watch the premiere of American Idol’s tenth season, it amazes me how many people show up for their one in a million chance at their 15 seconds or 15 years of fame (not to mention those who intentionally— or unintentionally— embarrass themselves on national TV for their 15 seconds).

We want people to know us, talk about us, tweet about us, carry our names to the world. And we do just that for ourselves and for so many others. We sing the praises of sports heroes, musicians, actors, YouTube sensations, even preachers.

And let’s be honest: when I say we, I mean me. I mean I make much of so many people, bands, names, brands, especially myself. I’m my favorite topic. The problem with this is not that all these things are bad or uninteresting. The problem is that I do so much more to advertise myself and others than I do the one who actually deserves the fame, the glory, the world renown. As a Christian, the name I am supposed to promote above all else fades to the background amidst all the others.

This blog is part of an effort to change that. I could write about so many different things, and I will, but there is only one thing— one name— that really matters: Jesus Christ.

How can I carry the name of Christ to the world? What evidence can I see of God’s greatness and glory in the world and in God’s word? These are the questions I want to discover the answers to. These are the things I want my words to convey. Of course, this includes how Christ relates to the world and to the church. But above all the names and all the hype, may the name of Christ ring out louder and clearer than all others.

Who writes Known & Renowned?

My name is Laura Coulter. I’m a writer, struggling entertainment junkie, and a big fan of laughter and ultimate Frisbee. A recent graduate of Taylor University (in Indiana) with a B.A. in professional writing and a minor in biblical literature, I’m currently back home among the rolling hills of east-central Kentucky. I’m so thankful that by God’s grace he has made himself known and renowned in my life.

Bio: http://about.me/laura.coulter

E-mail: lauracoulter29@gmail.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/kentuckygirl29

Twitter: @coulterlaura

Is that header image just a random sunrise picture? 

No. I took that picture from my backyard the morning after I graduated from high school. It’s been one of my all-time favorite photographs ever since. To me, it represents hope, the future, new life, possibilities, and the wonder of how God works in my life.


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