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A weekly smorgasbord of high-quality recommendations (if I do say so myself).

Bible Passage: Joshua 17:14-18The Israelites were finally receiving their allotted inheritance of the promised land. Joseph’s descendants approached Joshua with complaints that their land was not big enough for all of them and that they couldn’t drive out the Canaanites in the valley (which would give them more land) because they had iron chariots. Joshua’s response? “There’s a lot of you. You can do it. Now get to it.” Sometimes, I come to God with a list of complaints and excuses about why I can’t have what he’s promised me. When I do that, I sound as foolish as Joseph’s descendants do in this passage. Instead, I need to suck it up, trust in God, and go after those promises with the resources and abilities he’s given me.

Tweeter: Honest ToddlerWhat a toddler would say if he could tweet. Hilarious, shocking, and realistic.

Miniseries: The PacificAside from the American Civil War, World War II is the historic period that intrigues me most. This miniseries, from the creators of the other WWII masterpiece Band of Brothers, is epic in so many ways. It focuses on a few Marines who fought in (duh) the Pacific during the war. Superb acting, production, directing, and everything else. There is a lot of gore and violence, of course, but there is even more heart, truth, and vulnerability. It is certainly one of the most brilliant war stories I’ve ever seen told on film. You can watch the trailer here (just that gives me chills).

Non-profit/Ministry: Amazima MinistriesYou’ve probably heard of Katie Davis, the girl… oh, MY AGE, who gave up her life in Tennessee to live in Uganda and has adopted 13 Ugandan girls (more on her story next week). Amazima is the nonprofit she founded to help meet the overwhelming needs she observed around her. They minister to Ugandans through education sponsorship (They feed, provide medical care and school supplies for, and pay the school fees of 600 children.), Masese outreach (“Amazima feeds lunch to over 1,200 displaced children in the slum community of Masese every Monday through Friday.”), community outreach, vocational projects, and discipleship.

Novels: The Space Trilogy by C.S. LewisThink Lewis fiction, you think Chronicles of Narnia. The Space Trilogy (Out of the Silent Planet, Perelandra, and That Hideous Strength) is Lewis fiction for adults– adults who still have attention spans long enough to read page-length paragraphs. While they may seem monotonous at times, these highly symbolic novels are well worth it. The main character, Ransom, travels to other planets and finds them similar to ours in many startling ways, and different in many beautiful ways. The imagination behind these tales goes, I would say, further than even Narnia dared to go. Perelandra is my favorite of the three, a masterpiece in its own right.

Quote: Cassi Clerget, in I’m Single but not Broken (on CoryCopeland.net)

I accept that I am single. I accept that I haven’t met the right man not because I’m broken, but because I’m not ready. I accept that having the right guy come into my life isn’t something I deserve, but a gift that God gives me.

Album: The Covers– Cameron Mitchell. Yes, I am featuring a cover album. And it’s my blog, so there’s nothing you can do about it. But seriously, I love this guy. He’s got an amazing voice and he’s just so… but I digress. This album, covers or not, is beautiful. If his versions of I Can’t Make You Love Me, Blackbird, and Lost don’t make you swoon, then you probably don’t have a heart. Or you’re a boy (same difference ;)).  

Blog: Writing Like a GirlMy good friend and former roommate Shannon Potelicki launched her writing blog this week. I’ve featured Shannon’s work in a few guest posts and agree, along with just about everyone who’s read her, that she’s a fantastic writer. I can’t wait to see what great posts she’ll share on her awesome (and very girly) blog.

Video: You Lost Me. This is just a short, but truthful and informative, video from Barna about Millennials leaving the Church.


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