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A weekly smorgasbord of high-quality recommendations (if I do say so myself).

Bible Passage: Psalm 22. I’ve known for years that this was the psalm Jesus cried out on the cross. But the last time I read through it was the first time the power of Jesus speaking these words really sunk in. This is what he did for us. These are his sufferings, but also his glory and our salvation. Let us revel in these beautiful lines of truth.

Quote: Jeff Goins, in Wrecked

Stories worth telling are full of conflict. If you want to live one, pain is inevitable. Remember: compassion means to ‘suffer with.’ If you’re trying to serve someone in need and it doesn’t hurt a little, you’re doing something wrong… true compassion causes your heart to break– even at the moment you’re helping. It breaks for all the needs you’re not meeting, for everything else you could be doing… [these moments] remind us of a world that is still broken, that still needs to be healed.

Non-Fiction Book: Wrecked by Jeff GoinsI’ve hyped up Jeff Goins on here before, but this guy is such a fantastic writer, blogger, and motivator. His latest book lives up to the expectations. It’s about being broken ourselves when we interact with a broken world. But it’s also about more than that– commitment, calling, risk, growing up, and losing our lives to find them. It also has a picture of a turtle on the cover, so you know it’s got to be cool.

Song/Artist: Fire and Dynamite– Drew HolcombGreat song, great artist. I’d melt if anyone sang this to me. (Obviously, since I’d be on fire and exploding.)

Non-profit/Ministry: Praying for Will NeSmith. Will is 12 year old boy who suffered a serious brain hemorrhage while at Camp Ridgecrest this summer. His life was saved by emergency surgery. One of my friends was working at the camp and let me know about this Facebook page that keeps members updated on Will’s condition and specific prayer requests as he recovers. 

Movie(s): The Bourne LegacyI love the Bourne saga. These movies are some of the greatest action movies of all time. I also love Matt Damon as Jason Bourne, so I was skeptical of a Bourne-less Bourne film. But Aaron Cross (played by Jeremy Renner) added a great new character to the mix. Personally, I’d love to see Bourne and Cross team up. But we’ll see. Legacy was still pumped with adrenaline, though not quite as much, but was a little easier to follow than the other three movies. While Ultimatum remains my favorite Bourne film, by far, this latest addition lives up to its name and still carries the themes of searching for identity and morality in spite of the past.

Video: Fake Celebrity Pranks New York City. Hilarious, but also a sad statement about our obsession with fame.


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