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A weekly smorgasbord of high-quality recommendations (if I do say so myself).

Bible Passage: Joshua 5:13-15Sometimes we get so caught up in our own opinions, perspectives, and sides of things that we ask the wrong questions. Fortunately, by the second question, Joshua got it right. Holiness is not a matter of what’s right to you as much as it is a matter of how you respond to who’s right in front of you.

Movie: Machine Gun Preacher. This awesome, butt-kicking but tear-jerking movie was based on the true life story of Sam Childers. Rough, drug-hounding Sam (played by Gerard Butler) has a dramatic conversion to Christianity and turns his life around. He finds a new passion when he visits Uganda and sees how civil war has affected Ugandan children. He makes it his mission to help these kids in any way he can, including fighting against Joseph Kony’s LRA. It’s an awesome but heartbreaking story, and the movie does a great job showing the realistic contrast between Sam’s former life and his Christian life. While many Christian films fail to portray the harsh world of drugs and violence accurately, this movie delivers– blood, violence, rough language and all. This is no family film. However, it also does a good job of not painting Christianity as completely irrelevant and irrational, as many Hollywood films do.

Quote: Coach Eric Taylor, Friday Night Lights, Pilot Episode.

Give all of us gathered here tonight the strength to remember that life is so very fragile. We are all vulnerable and we will all at some point in our lives fall; we will all fall. We must carry this in our hearts…that what we have is special. That it can be taken from us and that when it is taken from us we will be tested…we will be tested to our very souls. We will now all be tested. It is these times…it is this pain that allows us to look inside ourselves.

Song/Artist: Christ is Risen– Matt Maher. This was the song the kids in the Sign Language track performed at camp this year. It’s quickly become one of my new favorite worship songs. I can’t listen to it without getting chills. 

Website: Mo Farrah Running Away From ThingsAnother Olympic-themed meme. Though not as fun as McKayla not being impressed, this one has the wide-mouthed British track star Mo Farrah running away from a variety of things. So it’s still pretty freaking hilarious.

Non-profit/Ministry: Restore InternationalThis is the organization founded by the awesome Bob Goff, author of Love Does. They take justice to human rights violators around the world, specifically through the judiciary system. Restore also sponsors a school in Northern Uganda with 250 students.

Video: Animaniacs vs. Skrillex. Need I say more?


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