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A weekly smorgasbord of high-quality recommendations (if I do say so myself).

Bible Passage: Colossians 3:11-17When we know that we are all one in Christ and that he is all in all– why should we not treat one another like this? We forgive as we have been forgiven. We love as we have been loved. We build each other up as we have been built up. Our unity is not based on race, culture, political stance, social status, or anything else– it is based solely on Christ.

Quote: Janice Holt Giles, in Run Me a River.

He knew that the life that used the river, lived in it and upon its banks, was constantly embattled. Big fish ate little fish and little fish ate littler ones. Birds ate insects and worms. Small mammals ate smaller ones. It was a full time war that never ceased; but they kept a kind of balance about it and while they did harm to each other, did none to people or the river. It took people to do that. Took something that could think and reason to do great harm to themselves and to each other and to the world they lived in. He made a rough sound in his throat. Sometimes he thought the Lord ought to start over again, with something better than men.

Novel: Run Me a River by Janice Holt GilesMy favorite Kentucky author plus a setting of Kentucky in the Civil War… you know I’m sold. While this novel starts off a little slow, it soon picks up and delivers the insightful tale of riverboat captain Bo Cartwright as he makes a daring run down the Green River, facing Confederate infantry on one side and the Federal gunboats on the other. The jewels of all Giles’ books are her characters– and this is no exception. Bo and his acquaintances face danger together and learn a lot about one another, the war, and the human condition on this precarious trip.

Movie: The Amazing Spider-ManI was skeptical of this one. As much as I hate to admit it after the infamous Spiderman 3, I was a fan of the other Tobey Maguire Spiderman films and wasn’t so sure about such a quick reboot. But I was impressed. While Peter Parker comes across as less mature, we get to see him grow up a bit more. It’s a fun, entertaining, different take on the Spiderman story.

Ministry/Non-Profit: Christian Appalachian Project. Based in my home state, CAP provides a wide variety of services to the needy of Appalachia. From summer camps to disaster relief to child and family development and more, they show the love of Christ to the people of this poor and often-ignored region of the U.S.

Articles about the Chick-Fil-A Hoopla. Most of these reflect the second reason I didn’t go to Chick-Fil-A on August 1 (the first being my diet). I’m not saying I agree with every statement or conviction expressed by these writers, nor would I condemn those who did decide to “appreciate” Chick-Fil-A, but I fear the cause became more about being right than anything else. And the sentiment I share with these bloggers is that we should be careful to stand for truth and for what we believe in… in love.

Tweeter: Jonathan HortonThis guy is one of my favorite Olympians. Even though the U.S. men’s gymnastics team kind of choked in the finals, Jonathan was still encouraging his teammates. Both in 2008 and this year, Jonathan has been a spectacular leader and positive, rallying force for his teams. I’ll be rooting for him in his individual high bar event, for sure. He’s also a devoted Christian and tweets Bible verses and fun bits about the Olympics.

Song/Artist: Feel It In Your Heart (Soul Glow Activatur Aka Solomon Olds Remix) by Abandon. This freaking awesome tune was played while we were trying to get the kids pumped up for things at camp. It pumps me up, too, and makes me want to jump… a lot. But maybe that’s just muscle memory kicking in. 

Video: Pseudo-Aragorn (You Might Die of Laughter). Everyone should see this, LOTR fan or not. Just watch… and then watch over and over again.


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