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A weekly smorgasbord of high-quality recommendations (if I do say so myself).

Bible Passage: Daniel 3:16-18. The story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego was one of our main stories for camp this year. These verses, their response to the king’s ultimatum of idolatry or death, are truly amazing. I wrote about this passage in a previous post: “Those are the words not of people trusting that God will do things their way; those are the words of people knowing God will do things his way. And they were ready to die for his way– because the real God isn’t a dumb statue; he’s alive, good, powerful, and sovereign, and his way is always right. They knew the furnace was a Hot Hands pack compared to disobeying God.”

Quote: Alfred, in The Dark Knight Rises.

Maybe it’s time we stop trying to outsmart the Truth and let it have its day.

Movie: The Dark Knight RisesYes. Yes. Yes. This trilogy is one of the best film series ever. This one was bold, beautiful, intense, honest, and oddly hopeful. I am serious. You must see this movie. It kicks so much butt. My even more gushing review will hopefully be coming soon to a blog near you.

Stories of faith from the Colorado shooting. Speaking of the above movie, both of these blog posts are written by people directly affected by the tragic events of last week’s midnight showing in Aurora, CO. And they are both amazing messages of faith and hope in the face of terror and adversity. God is truly good, even in the midst of immense suffering.

Ministry/Non-Profit: Charity:WaterAcquiring access to clean water is one of the greatest challenges facing today’s developing nations. This fantastic and reputable organization brings that essential, life-changing, life-nourishing resource to those who so desperately need it. Be sure to watch the Rachel’s Wish video on the home page– beauty and tears.

Tweeter: NBCOlympicsI love, love, love the Olympics. The Opening Ceremonies are today! This Twitter account will keep you up-to-date on all things Olympics, also providing interesting insights and fun videos (all Olympic-related, of course).

Song/Artist: Home– Phillip PhillipsAmerican Idol winners’ victory singles aren’t always the greatest musical feats (even my boy David Cook had a very sappy one). Though I didn’t follow this season too closely, I was a fan of Phil Phil from the beginning. And, though he didn’t write it and this isn’t exactly the kind of song I would expect from him, it’s an awesome tune. I feel like the lyrics and style even give a nod to my favorite band (Needtobreathe).

Video: PS22 Chorus “Sooner or Later” Mat Kearney. This music teacher and his kids cover tons of songs and always do an amazing job. But covering a Mat Kearney song? Even more amazing. 


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