It’s Guest Post Fortnight on Known & Renowned! Today’s post was written by Ben Steele. Ben lives, works, and learns in Auburn, AL. His job as a machinist and welder is the patron of his true passions: teaching the Bible, and loving and leading God’s people. Ben writes for young men making their way as spiritual leaders at BigHairyDeal.net.  Connect with him on Twitter @thebensteele.

The other day I read a sermon that had once been preached by F.W. Boreham called “The Divine Alphabet,”  discussing Jesus’s statement, “I am the Alpha and the Omega.”  Boreham pointed out that alpha and omega are simply the first and last letters of the alphabet and he went on to explain the characteristics of the alphabet that Christ was claiming for himself.

He said that, like the alphabet, Christ is:

  • Inexhuastible
  • Indispensible
  • Invincible

I began to think that if Christ claims to be the beginning and the end, perhaps he is everything in between too.  Maybe we could make a list of Christ’s qualities that are not commonly mentioned or preached on but are His nonetheless.

An A-Z List of Christ’s Uncommon Qualities

A – Afraid

B – Brazen

C – Cryptic

D – Demanding

E – Exclusive

F – Frightening

G – Grave

H – Haunting

I – Insulting

J – Judgmental

K – Killed

L – Lowly

M – Manly

N – Negligent

O – Offensive

P – Partier

Q – Quarrelsome

R – Rebel

S – Scandalous

T – Trouble-maker

U – Uncompromising

V – Vexing

W – Warning

X – eXamining

Y – Yelling

Z – Zealous

Not that these attitudes or behaviors are inherently good but Jesus exercised them towards the appropriate people, at the perfect time, and in righteous degrees.

– Ben Steele

COMMENT: Do you have questions about any of these? What uncommon characteristics of Jesus can you think of?

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