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Starting Monday, July 9, I will be spending two weeks as a staffer for CentriKid Camps. I worked as a staffer for two full summers in 2009 and 2010, and I’m extremely excited to have the opportunity to do it again (at least for a short time). I’ll be honest– I wrestled with coming back after a summer away from camp. I knew it would be awkward and that I’d have to readjust to camp life and ministry after such a long time. And yes– there are plenty of other things I could be doing with my time: job hunting, writing, blogging, etc. But camp is special, and here’s why I agreed to work as a special teamer (short term staffer) for two weeks this summer:

Because I spent most of the past year working a job I didn’t find meaningful and I want my time to count for something more than a paycheck.

Because of the smiles, the laughter, the quotes, and the conversations.

Because of the kids that find a special place in your heart, the ones you know you’ll never forget.

Because of the kids who will turn their lives over to Jesus.

Because of the kids who have it rough back home and get to spend a week away from it all.

Because of the kids who want to tell me stories that break my heart.

Because of the camaraderie that develops between staffers.

Because of the tiredness, the weakness, and everything else that requires me to depend entirely on God to make it through.

Because I’m more like the kids than I realize.

Because there is nothing greater in the world than teaching kids about Jesus every day.

Because I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to do this without being locked into other commitments.

Because even though I knew I wasn’t supposed to work camp last year, I still missed it.

Because kids teach you the darnedest things.

Because of Jesus.


While I’m at camp, I’ve lined up some fantastic guest posters to contribute to Known & Renowned, so stay tuned and make sure you show them some love! 

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