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I originally posted this last week, with no links. Here are the “answers.” 80 songs total. A playlist in a poem. Or poem-like thing. If you find that any of the links are wrong, let me know. The songs don’t necessarily have anything to do with the content, but in some cases, they do. I tried to exclusively use my favorite songs from the past year, or songs I’ve discovered this year.  

Please don’t let me go when I’m right here, with you.

As long as you’re not leaving, we believe you when you say, “Count on me.”

Just stay here tonight and don’t let it break your heart.

What about everything? Why won’t you cage the beast?

Don’t stop, don’t waste this borrowed time.

I love you but I don’t know what to say. Just keep your eyes open.

Shadows beckon on the other side tonight, waiting for the end.

I can tell every teardrop is a waterfall that hurts like heaven.

Now you’re free to a place only you can go.

You said the last goodbye, and now it’s us against the world.

I said I would do anything for you, but maybe they’re on to us.

The devil’s been talkin through the hurricane:

I’ll never get it right; I’m not able, not good enough.

My body will go up in flames and there is no fire escape.

At the reckoning, the tyrant kings will take what’s left.

But there’s something in the water, rolling in the deep.

Something in your eyes said the best is yet to come.

I’m haunted by the slumber of a wanted man.

You said, “The show goes on because you were made for me.”

Why not “Love can wait”?

The dark horses are waiting here for you, as restless hearts wandercounting stars like ships in the night.

I’m walking home, chasing the light on an open road, when I hear the oohs and ahhs.

I come back home to what seems like an angel at my door, or a ghost. Call it what you want. But I can’t change my mind:

It’s such a mystery, but you’re alive! Long live the one who’s strong enough to save!

Time marches on. I miss you but my manifesto is to carry your name till I get there.

To the afterlife.

Where a symphony sings what I know:

A shot in the dark and a blinding light followed the heartbeat that shook paradise.